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Internaut IQ update - February

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Internet Explorer gains popularity in World market link to Smiley's Internaut IQ Indexfor the first time in almost a year!  Picking up over 3/4 of a percentage point.  FireFox lost a full percentage point last month to be the ONLY loser in the Browser Market share game as Chrome, Opera and Safari each showed modest (less than a quarter of a point) gains.

Data from CIA shows massive Internet Explorer gain, and largest Firefox loss ever   by Sebastian Anthony on March 1, 2011 at 06:15 AM

The CIA tracks Internet-connected users around the world and released their findings recently. China added 200 million new netizens since their last survey, and has the worst record of respect for End User License Agreements in the world.  Not even Russia can compete with China for pirated copies of major software packages and Operating Systems.
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Sebastian postulates the primary reason for China's use of IE is piracy and there are good statistics to back him up.

Netmarketshare shows WinXP with over half of the market share in February and very little drop since January's stats, this despite the fact that we haven't been able to buy a license to WinXP for almost three years now.  I've always contended that criminality and supidity go hand in hand.  And stupidity is definitely my favorite excuse for IE's popularity, but marketing also plays an important role and Microsoft is definitely throwing a lot of resources into promoting their next bundle of vaporware promises called IE9.  But what is Microsoft really selling?  IE9 runs on Windows OS right?  WinOS has over 3/4 market share, right?  Oops, wait a minute, IE9 won't install on WinXP.  Better call that 30% of the Operating System market share that CAN install their newest browser offering because WinXP (even after a decade) just won't go away.  Sure, Win7 is making gains, but it's taking those gains from Win Vista, not WinXP and certainly not from Mac OS X.  So, if the IE browser is really going to compete in the Browser wars, Microsoft is relying on their IE8 product which scored 20/100 on the Acid3 test.  Not really what you'd call a winning strategy if you incorporate iPhone and the Mobile Market into the equation.

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I'm quite confident Microsoft was responsible for FireFox's severe dip in popularity last year with their  Internet Safety FUD campaign for IE8 which ultimately didn't shore up IE's market penetration, but definitely halted FireFox's bid for 25% share.  Now I'm having my doubts that FireFox will ever be able to recover given the squeeze they're getting from Chrome and Safari.  But I can say with a fair degree of confidence Internet Explorer's dominance is not only on the wane, it will continue to diminish in the months to come given Redmond's myopic vision of exploiting the WinOS exclusively.

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